Finally, we have the news that we’ve been waiting for. SCOMO has released his four stage plan to bring our economy back to normal, bringing skilled migrants into the country.


Fortunately we’ve been able to do that through travel exemptions. But, in reality now SCOMO is saying in phase two, which is from early next year, we will start to see migrant workers coming into the country. So, what does that mean to us? It means we need to start the program now if we’re to see people coming through in January.



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Our process is extremely comprehensive. I’ve been talking about this for a long time. There’s an enormous amount of information that I’ve provided previously on how we select and trade skills, assess and English test our candidates. But now’s the time. It is a six-month process at least. And if we say six months now, we’re early next year. And that’s when SCOMO is saying, we’re going to be able to start bringing migrant workers in.

So if that’s the news you’ve been waiting for, it’s now happened, look it up. SCOMO said it, it’s happening and we need to have a conversation, if you are struggling to find skilled workers to run your business.

I’m looking forward to a further conversation with you about bringing people in to help you run your business. Don’t hesitate to contact me, please fill out the form below.