Yes, travel ban exemptions are being approved, we had another approval just this week.

Yes, we have been successful in getting skilled Filipinos candidates on a plane and into Australia.

Yes, we have had those skilled Filipino workers land in Australia and start work. (After appropriate quarantine of course)

Without question the process now is even more difficult to navigate and understand. Additional challenges are appearing that we need to stay on top of. On-line skills assessments is one that’s creating the biggest challenge right now.

Can visa’s be prepared and lodged given the current situation?

How are the Dept. of Immigration Department handling travel ban exemptions?

What conditions need to be met under the 482 Visa program.

After over 10 years in the business, It’s the past last 12 months that has seen us overhaul our process. More than ever you need to be working with someone who knows the process inside and out, end to end, and…..has runs on the board in the current environment!

Our process is centred around working with our clients every step of the way, but we do all the heavy lifting. 



If you have any questions about sourcing skilled talent out of the Philippines to help solve your skill shortages, our CEO, Greg Holmsen, would be delighted to have a conversation, answer any question you may have and walk you through our process that takes care of the BIGGER process.