We are still lodging Visas and we are getting more Travel Ban Exemptions approved.

Our government is indicating Australia’s need for overseas skilled workers, so we are looking forward to continuing to bring highly skilled Philippines’ talent into the country.

The No.1 question I continually get asked is: “Do you have anyone available now who is in Australia?” The answer is always the same: “no we don’t”

The pool of available talent in Australia is continuing to tighten and we are seeing our clients experiencing fewer responses to SEEK advertising, and with little or no success in sourcing new talent.

The process to land someone in Australia is generally about 6 months. We are also expecting that timeframe to increase as the demand continues to grow.



The next statement our clients then make is: “I should have started this 6 months ago”

The best time to start was 6 months ago, the second best time to start is NOW!

So where is business today, and what is the market opportunity? The skills gap in Australia is continuing to grow and the answer to filling that is by bringing the skills in from overseas.

This then allows our clients to grow their business in-line with the market opportunity.

The TPRC sourcing and screening process is extremely comprehensive allowing us to guarantee our candidates for 2-years.

Please let me know if you’ve got any questions, fill out the form below and I’d be happy to make a time to go through our process and share what we do.