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At The Philippines Recruitment Company, we transform lives by connecting great talent with great job opportunities. Our value system is just one of the reasons why clients engage with us. One of our values is family. It’s not just the team TPRC family, it includes the families of the Filipinos who journey to Australia. It goes beyond, to the clients and their families, who are all affected positively by this entire process.

We live and breathe the core value of “family” as it means so much to our business.

Why Do You Need An Expert?

Today, more than ever, serious expertise is required to deliver great talent from the Philippines. Our unique process has been developed to present our candidates, so that our clients have the confidence to know what skills the candidates have and who our clients are investing in.

Our process now includes trades skills assessors, trainers, and English teachers. With over 10 years of Philippines Recruitment, we have identified how Filipino talent can best match the needs of our clients. We strictly work within the scope of our expertise. This allows us to provide our unique 2-Year Guarantee.

How Filipino talent is changing the business

Our clients have been able to develop and grow their business through the reliability of Filipino talent. Demonstrating the correct skills through our assessment process is just the beginning. When our clients can rely on their team to be consistent, they capture business growth opportunities.

Our Success Stories

Getting the number of staff that we require has become the great challenge. TPRC is the key to help our company grow.

Steve Birt

Wulguru Group

I think the best thing about TPRC was the commitment and the level of customer service…

Rahim Chunara – National
Recruitment Manager


They have planned and prepared everything very well, I’m very pleased to say that everything has gone to plan. We are really surprised by their caliber of candidates.

Elsie Joubert


TPRC has just made it a lot easier for us… Everything being organized and running super smoothly… The whole team at TPRC has been fantastic to deal with… We would definitely recommend that people work with TPRC.

Shanae McGuire

QUBE Holdings LTD

It’s been an absolutely amazing experience… The transition to get over here has been seamless… It’s been really great to see the chefs in their own environment. It’s made our selection reassuring that we’ve made the right decision in who we’re bring over.

Rachel Checinski

Dixon Hospitality

We’re able to asses them in what it would be like in a real scenario. The approach is very commendable… having setup something for us to come here and look at so many candidates in that environment.

Michel Rieg



TPRC have been really good, they’ve picked us up from the airport, sent us all the resumes, sourced all the people… They’ve organized everything for us.

Brendan Scroop
Macmahons (Perth)


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End-to-End Recruitment Process

The Philippines Recruitment Advantage™
Discover how companies are recruiting highly skilled talent from the Philippines, to reliably scale their workforce.

The TPRC Difference

We know there are many recruitment companies out there, but it’s our candidates that separate us from the rest.

We Care

We’re a family business. We take the time to form personal relationships with every client, our candidates, and their families.

We Believe In
Our Talent Pool

Because we specialise in placing Filipinos in great jobs all over the world, we get the best candidates registering with us. 

Process Works

We take care of everything, from sourcing and matching the right candidates, to getting them to your work site  anywhere in the world  ready to start work! 

Compliance Is
Our Priority

We organise the paperwork and make sure nothing is overlooked so that your recruitment is 100% compliant.

Our Talent


Watch how we helped successful candidates find careers they love and see why we’re proud of what we do. TPRC is more than just a recruitment company, we are a community driven organisation that delivers quality opportunities to enable quality careers that candidates love.
Heavy Duty Mechanic
Heavy Duty Mechanic

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