Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say

Read our client testimonials to learn how The Philippines Recruitment Company has successfully connected Filipino talent with Australian businesses, providing exceptional recruitment services and support.


They are just exceptional in their customer service and they are passionate, and they genuinely care about what they’re trying to achieve here, for both the candidate and the client.

Rebecca Cameron – Senior Welding Coordinator
Mine Tech Engineering



TPRC has provided an extremely professional service. The candidates have been exactly what we are looking for.

Phillip Goust – Service Manager
JR Richards



Getting the number of staff that we require has become the great challenge. TPRC is the key to help our company grow.

Steve Birt
Wulguru Group



For me, they are the conduit to the Philippines from Australia. We contacted them, they really did a lot of the administration so far of arranging us to basically come out here. My work has been minimal, they look after the majority of everything that I had to do. 

Alex Barnes
Finer Hydraulics



Welders are a dying trade in Australia, so it’s very difficult to find qualified welders. They’re (TPRC) able to give us welders to be able to choose from…we can’t even find five welders in the last 20 years as quick as what they (TPRC) were able to do.

Billie Trimcevski
Trailers Only



We will be back again and TPRC will be our first supplier.

Richard Cuss



TPRC have been absolutely fantastic to work with.

Kelli De Sousa



TPRC have been really easy to get along with and have provided us with all the information we’ve needed. I’d like to see our relationship with TPRC continue.

Scott Marsden



They have planned and prepared everything very well, I’m very pleased to say that everything has gone to plan. We are really surprised by their caliber of candidates.

Elsie Joubert


It’s been an absolutely amazing experience… The transition to get over here has been seamless… It’s been really great to see the chefs in their own environment. It’s made our selection reassuring that we’ve made the right decision in who we’re bring over.

Rachel Checinski
Dixon Hospitality


We’re able to asses them in what it would be like in a real scenario. The approach is very commendable… having setup something for us to come here and look at so many candidates in that environment.

Michel Rieg – Chef


Their (TPRC) service has been great. To any new customer, engage with TPRC, in my experience it has been very good.

Greg Lemon
AHG Refrigerated Logistics