So in our first part of this series, we talked about our lineup, how we got a highly skilled group of candidates in front of our clients, on an online portal for them to make their own assessment. So once they’ve done that internally, that shared it amongst themselves, they have a final lineup that they are happy with. We then go into our next phase of trade skills assessment.

In sourcing the best candidate for the client – we have to be a 100% certain that they’re both on the same page.

  • Assessments (criteria based on the needs of our clients)
  • Candidate Skillset Examination
  • Real Time Live Stream of Client/s & Candidates

Using and following this process, we then get a final group of people that we’ve actually selected. So we’ve been through all of the trade skills assessments. There’s been interviews, and we’ve got our group that we want to move forward with. So a letter of offer comes along, and away we go with the next stage. This is where the Trades Recognition Australia Assessment comes in.



Now, this is all changed now in recent times, because once upon a time an RTO, Registered Training Organization would fly to the Philippines, and conduct the assessment. Quite simply, a welder could demonstrate their ability to weld. A mechanic would demonstrate in a workshop environment their ability to do their job. So nowadays that gets done online! And takes a lot longer, twice as long, or three times, they’re up to three hours, and sometimes more.

These assessments, it’s tough on the assesses to actually really be able to understand the skillset of the candidates they’re assessing. It’s tough on the candidates as well, that is why as I have mentioned in our First Program set the candidates in an English Test. Because we have to ensure that our candidates are equipped not just able to demonstrate their skills to someone but equipped with English Language as well.

In all, it’s a challenge for the assessors and there has been a significant increase in the failure rate of these tests. But our edge is that we put a lot of work into that education process and make sure that we provide the best and equipped Filipino Candidates that exceeds our client’s expectations. We in TPRC – have become the trusted name in Philippines recruitment.

We love what we do and wholeheartedly live our purpose by: Transforming Lives By Connecting Great Talent with Great Job Opportunities. With our streamlined process, we have worked hard to make sure we continue to service the Australian market throughout any unforeseen challenges.

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