When it comes to recruiting in the Philippines, there are many questions you might have:

How are you able to recruit during the pandemic?

Do trade assessors still visit the country for TRA assessments?

What sets you apart from other companies?

These are all important questions to ask, and we have the answers for you.

We pride ourselves on our highly unique and progressive recruitment practices.  With over 100 million citizens within the Philippines, we source candidates from various platforms to identify and determine the right fit for each role.  Throughout our history, we have assessed hundreds of thousands of candidates to get that right fit.

With so many applicants, we filter to source the best candidates through our unique process:

    •   Advertise
    •   Employ automated Bots for initial screening
    •   Apply our unique screening and assessment process
    •   English testing
    •   Practical skills assessment

Using this process, we have been able to take 1,000 candidates and narrow them down to just one candidate who was truly qualified for a particular position.  Our system has been curated to a point of extreme efficiency.

We work from our own database as well as various job boards to reach hundreds of thousands of candidates looking to work in Australia.  Using the criteria identified by the client, we set out a process to determine whether or not the applicants have the required skills. 

We use automated assistants, or bots, to help through this step.  They ask the candidates a series of questions to ensure that they have the skills needed, including potential English language skills.  

From here, all pre-screened applicants are invited to apply and we connect them with a senior recruiter.  This is their first direct connection to us.  Once we have determined the necessary skills, we will then schedule and pay for an internationally recognised English assessment.

Many people ask why we do this. We do this to ensure that applicants are all tested to the same standard, and to keep their communication skills within the required levels to successfully progress through both trade skills assessments and to exceeding our clients expectations.

TPRC have become the trusted name in Philippines recruitment. We love what we do and wholeheartedly live our purpose by: Transforming Lives By Connecting Great Talent with Great Job Opportunities. With our streamlined process, we have worked hard to make sure we continue to service the Australian market throughout any unforeseen challenges.

For more information, check out the video , or reach out to contact us directly to schedule an appointment with our CEO, Greg Holmsen.  We’d be happy to discuss the next stages of your recruitment process with you.