It’s finally happening. We are seeing more and more skilled workers prioritised to come into the country to address our current skills shortage.


We received great news this week with Chefs being added to the priority list. Up till now we have been able to land Filipino Mechanics, Welders and Fabricators so we are seeing further broadening to now include our Filipino Chefs in our program.



(Check out one of our Filipino Chef candidate for our Australian client)



We have been able to land Philippine skilled trades people into the country during the pandemic when the workers are employed within essential services. The process to bring Filipino workers in is now taking approximately six months. As we are seeing the governments’ approval and broadening of trades allowed, we are suggesting it’s time to get moving!


We still have hundreds of billions of dollars of infrastructure projects coming on stream in Australia. This government commitment is allocated to get our economy moving however, we don’t have the available skilled workforce to do the work! I’m having daily conversations with our clients, expressing the desperate need for workers to come in to capture their business opportunity.


If you didn’t start recruiting six months ago, the next best time to start this is now.


Please also see this video on our trades skills assessment process.



I love having these conversations. If you would like to know anything more please fill out the below contact form and I’d be happy to give you a call.