When our candidates arrive in Australia we do everything we can to make the transition smooth for both our candidates. We set them up with bank accounts, tax file number, health insurance and whatever else is required for them to get on with their job. This isn’t just about skills, hard work and loyalty. It’s a life changing event. We enrol all candidates into our lifetime relationships program. We have a team of people in the Philippines dedicated to the success of every candidate. The commitment that each candidate makes when moving to Australia is life changing. We care about their welfare and also make sure that their family back home are happy and there aren’t any challenges for them. We maintain contact with our candidates for life. The success of the candidates also impacts the success of our clients. We guarantee our candidates for 2-years, however that’s not what it’s all about. We are looking to support our candidates with the option of permanent residency. This can only happen if the candidates remain with our client for 3 years. The team in our Lifetime Relationships program love seeing the successful life changing journey for each family. Please watch the video here to get a full understanding of our Lifetime Relationships Program. https://youtu.be/NXzrdU4vTh4   We love what we do and wholeheartedly live our purpose by: Transforming Lives By Connecting Great Talent with Great Job Opportunities. With our streamlined process, we have worked hard to make sure we continue to service the Australian market throughout any unforeseen challenges. For more information, check out our video series, or reach out to contact us directly to schedule an appointment with our CEO, Greg Holmsen. We’d be happy to discuss what this could mean to you.     [gravityform id=”16″ title=”true” description=”false”]