Why Filipino talent is so successful in Australia – it’s what you don’t see

Oct 8, 2019


While talking to a prospective client the other day, they asked me questions that I get asked a lot: 

Why do Filipinos work out so well in Australia? 

What is it about Filipino talent that makes them such a good fit here? 

They are great questions. I’ve narrowed it down to six logical factors – plus another one that may take some imagination on your part. 

Let me explain. 

The six logical factors are as follows (they don’t require too much explanation)  

  1.     Command of English 

Although English is not their first language, it’s a key part of every Filipino’s schooling. All Filipinos are taught English through high school and, if applicable, in further education.  

It provides a great baseline understanding and ability to communicate in English right from the get-go. This minimizes one of the main barriers to successful integration in Australia, experienced by many other immigrants.

2.     Good cultural fit 

Filipinos are predominantly Christian. Their Christian values help them to assimilate into Australia in a seamless manner, in my opinion.

3.     Family influence 

Most Filipinos are not seeking work just for themselves. They’re doing it for the greater good. For almost every Filipino, this means they are doing it for their family (and extended family) back home.  

4.     Utang na loob 

Yes, you read that correctly. Utang na loob is a Filipino cultural trait that’s a little difficult to explain.  

It describes a sense of indebtedness and loyalty. Most Filipinos coming to Australia feel this towards their new employers. 

5.     Commitment to work 

The first question I get asked by Filipinos when I collect them from the airport is generally:Is there a church nearby?”  The second question is usually Is overtime available? 

The eagerness of the average Filipino to do extra work is both surprising and very attractive for many Australian employersClients often tell me that they know that if they ring up a Filipino worker to come in an extra day or stay for overtime, they’ll jump at the chance. 

6.     The prospect of permanent residency 

Filipinos coming here to work have the opportunity to make living and working in Australia permanent for both themselves and their families. 

This is an attractive proposition and one that they don’t want to waste. 


The six factors outlined above all apply in the vast majority of cases But you’ll probably hear at least five of them from any Filipino recruitment company you ask. They’re no secret.  

They all help to explain why Filipinos work out so well in Australia but they don’t get to the real heart of the matter. 

It’s like trying to cook your mum’s amazing recipe; you have all the right ingredients and follow the instructions to the letter, but it just doesn’t taste the same.  

There’s something missing…an x factor. When it comes to the success of Filipino talent in Australia, this x factor is the real clincher 


7.     The sacrifice made and the opportunity presented 

The way I explain this is: 

If you had the opportunity to change not only your own wealth and the prosperity of your family, but for all future generations of your family, what sacrifice would you be prepared to make for that 

Can you even imagine being given that opportunity? 

You have the chance to move from a developing country like the Philippines, with the poverty, difficulties in finding work, low salaries, and so on; to moving to Australia, with its unbelievable lifestyle, great technology, better workplace conditions, where you get paid 10 times as much and have the opportunity to live there with your family in the future? 

It’s unimaginable to most Australian employers. 

But the sacrifice that Filipinos have to make to reach this reality is also unimaginable to many. They must leave their families and loved ones; take a leap of faith into the unknown; set up in a foreign country where nobody knows them; place trust in the good faith of others…  

Filipinos make this sacrifice because the opportunity to positively influence lives both now and in the future is so great. They simply won’t throw this opportunity away. This is what they’re thinking as they board that plane to come to Australia. It’s a truly life-changing experience. 

If you were in the same position, how hard would you work to make it a success?  

This is the key reason why 99 percent of the Filipino talent we bring over to Australia and New Zealand end up assimilating successfully and becoming key members of their employers’ workforces.  

If you have any further questions about hiring the best Filipino talent, get in contact with us here: sales@tprc.com.au 

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