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The Philippines Recruitment Advantage

Discover how companies are recruiting highly skilled talent from the Philippines, to reliably scale their workforce.

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Private web class – essential knowledge every Australian business needs to know in order to take on more projects, and increase profit with reliable, stable, and highly qualified Filipino talent.

The main goal of this webinar is:

To show you how some of Australia’s leading businesses are recruiting highly skilled talent from the Philippines in order to scale and grow their workforce, avoiding labour skill shortages and project downtime. 

In this online training you’ll discover:

How to safely recruit highly skilled Filipino talent for your business

Where to find large talent pools of pre-qualified candidates

The application and screening method to ensure you recruit only the highest quality candidates

What assessments and skills tests are required

How to future proof your new Filipino recruits and ensure staff retention 

Meet Greg, your host!

Greg Holmsen is the CEO of The Philippines Recruitment Company (TPRC) and has been working in international recruitment for over 10 years. Greg’s intimate knowledge of the Philippines process has positioned him as an expert in recruiting talent from the Philippines across many industries. He is dedicated to helping Australian businesses who are being challenged by the skills shortage crisis, which is significantly impacting their workforce and their business. Greg is passionate about looking after the Filipino workers to ensure their success in our country.  This has been the cornerstone of the success of TPRC.

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