COVID has changed the face of Philippines Recruitment. There are now 3 key elements that are critical in order to enjoy a successful Philippines recruitment program.

1. Confirming the candidates skills. Practical skills assessments are mandatory for most of our recruitment programs. With the significant cost involved in the visa program, the last thing we can risk is having the candidate arrive without the skills we need.




2. Passing the Cert III. This is becoming the biggest challenge of the process. This used to be a practical assessment completed in the Philippines. Now it is completed online. This means that the candidates no longer simply demonstrate their skills, they must articulate their skills in a second language to an online assessor. We will always assess the candidates for comprehension first utilising a 3rd party international English assessment program. Only when they pass this assessment will we put candidates forward for possible selection.




3. Protecting your investment. Not only do we have a 2-year guarantee but we also provide a lifetime relationships program for all our candidates. This is provided to ensure the candidates are successful in Australia. TPRC will connect with the candidates throughout  the duration of their employment with our clients. We are there to make sure that everything both inside and outside work are fine. We also ensure that their family at home are happy. This all makes for long-term success for our candidates and clients.


clients and candidates in Australia


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